Cartanza Poultry Farm Visit

Visiting the Poultry Farm that Georgie Cartanza runs was an awesome experience. When we first got off of the bus and I smelled the farm, I was somewhat skeptical. However, listening to Georgie inform us about how many families she can feed annually just from her farm brought me right back into an excited mind set. I am still beyond impressed that she takes care of so many people with her farm. I was very happy with the way that Georgie articulated her language throughout her explanation of organic farming. I liked how she explained why she went organic, and what it truly entails. She gave me experienced and knowledgable information that I respect and trust. When we went into the chicken house, I was absolutely stunned at how peaceful it was. Compared to outside, the house was quite quiet, and very docile. The chickens did not seem chaotic or uncomfortable. They were very mellow, and I enjoyed watching them perform their daily tasks such as eating and drinking. I had an image in my mind previously that was not negative, but was not nearly as positive as the reality of the farm truly was. The Cartanza farm was an excellent learning experience, and I think that Georgie should contemplate running tours once a month! I think that her farm could educationally benefit society on a topic that is not talked about nearly enough in todays culture! 

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