Comments on Mrs. Michele’s lecture on Technology.

One Guest lecture that I found particularly interesting was Mrs. Michele Walfered’s lecture on how social media works in agriculture. Before this guest lecture I hadn’t put much consideration into how many different kinds of jobs pertained to the agriculture industry. Mrs. Walfred talked to us about the many sites that are used to promote agriculture and explained how each site could be used. The people in my generation are considered to be very technologically advanced, and I was amazed by how many businesses (such as Fifer Orchards) used that knowledge to their advantaged and were able to use social media sites as a way to advertise and inform the public about events or new things that were taking place. Also, although I personally am very cautious about what I post, I think she made a very important point when she told us that when we create a profile or post and comment on social networking sites that we are creating a brand for ourselves. What someone posts online never goes away and it is important to portray a good public image. This is an extremely important lesson for someone who is transitioning into adulthood because many colleges and nearly all employers look into ones social media accounts. Mrs. Walfered did a great job explaining to the class just how big of an impact technology has on the agricultural industry.

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