Useful Web Links

Here you will find some web resources beyond the basic Second Life resources. They are listed in themed categories.
If you have useful website that you think is of value to our viewers please let me know.


Art & Entertainment:



  • SLTV & Archives: SLTV was the SL tv main station in Second Life.
    It hosted lots of great shows covering a wide range of topics and events. Hoping to cover a wider range of virtual worlds and audiences, SLTV is now Treet TV.
    They still offer a large array of programing, everything from SL sports, interview & entertainment shows, education talks and events and business shows. –
    You can view previous SLTV & Treet.TV shows in the archive at –
  • Mal Burns Second Arts: SL TV shows & events captured live in Machinima format. –


SL Entrepreneur Magazine: SLentreprenuer Magazine is a publication dedicated to business in the virtual world Second Life. Created and conceived in January of 2008, the magazine seeks to present valuable content on all aspects of Second Life Industry. Sections include Second Life Profiles, News, Features, Second Life Traffic Report and the SLENTRE.COM FREE classifieds.

Business TV Shows:

  • Metanomics-Business and Policy in Virtual Worlds.Live weekly show featuring Robert Bloomfield from Cornell University’s Johnson Graduate School of Management asking questions to the movers and shakers in business involved in virtual worlds.  –
  • Real Biz in SL – SLCN.TV show with Host Cybergrrl Oh who takes you on tour of real world businesses with an in-world presence as well as interviews. –
  • Virtual World Business – a blog that helps people generate income from virtual worlds. –

Education in Second Life:






  • The Tech Virtual Museum:
    Want to create your own museum exhibit? Want to develop it with other creative thinkers and experts around the world? Want to share your exhibits with visitors in virtual and real galleries? This is the place to design and prototype exhibits online, using the web and Second Life. Start here to propose exhibit projects, share wild ideas and prototype exhibits.


  • Second Life consulting – Chemistry activities in Second Life –
  • SciLand Virtual Continent – The SciLands is a mini-continent and user community in the virtual world platform Second Life devoted exclusively to science and technology. There are over 30 science and technology related organizations in the SciLands, including government agencies, universities and museums. –

Metaverse News Outlets


 Other Areas of Metaverse Interest

New Citizens Inc: Helpful information and inworld class schedule for new citizens of Second Life from the folks at NCI.