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Thursday, March 22, 2018

5:00  PM

Mitchell Hall Auditorium

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TEDxUniversityofDelaware is an independently organized TED-like speaking event, organized by students and staff at UD. The event theme is “Power” and will feature 10 speakers from around the University community.

Jennifer Daniels  – The Power Within

April Kendra – Six Steps to Defanging Your Vampire

Georgina Ramsay – Refugees, Citizens, and the Rise of Ordinary Displacement

Elon Kline – This is why you are a perfectionist

Mckay Jenkins – Super Highways, Subdivisions, and the Disappearance of Food: How the Pursuit of the “American Dream” Created a National Eating Disorder

Jessica Jackson –  A Reclamation: The Transformative Power of Love

Adam Foley – The Shadow of Influence: Sexuality’s Hold On Us

Debra Norris – The Preservation of Our Photographic Heritage for Future Generations: Here, There and Everywhere

Gillian Williams – You Are the Only Thing in the Way

Steven Mortenson – Defusing Your Dark Side

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