2016-2017 Nominees

UDid It Picnic “Random Drawing” Winners from 2016-2017
Jaclyn Tatnall
GOLD WINNER – $400 prize

Her nominator said, “Jackie goes above and beyond her assigned roles and responsibilities on a day to day basis. She supports the entire office in everything that she does – a true collaborator.

She is often first to volunteer to assist her colleagues. She is happy to step in and lend a hand. She jumps in to send emails, answer phones, share information with staff, stay late, come early, assist with a project – you name it, she’s on it!

In addition, in an effort to truly represent the University and the Office of Admissions, Jackie provides quality customer service to our prospective students, families and school counselors. She takes the time to seek whatever it is they need. In return, she gets back to them in a timely manner. This translates into positive experiences for the groups that matter to her work and the work of the Office of Admissions.

She truly represents what it means to be a Blue Hen – she leads, she is a team player, pours pride and excellence into her work and believes in outcomes. She is dedicated to the success of the Office of Admissions and to the University.”

Nominated by: Nominator chose to remain anonymous
Andre Smith
$250 prize

His nominator says, “Andre has been a huge asset to our web team immediately upon arrival. It’s not just that he’s good at his job (he is), but he’s enthusiastic and a pleasure to work with.

One of the places that he went above and beyond was with Training. Andre took over training very soon after arrival and has been doing an absolutely fantastic job of it.

Not only did this free the system team up to focus on programming, but it also leveraged his expertise in training and content and the quality of the training improved.“

Nominated by: Eric Cantrell
Christina Schultz
$100 prize
Her nominator says, “Christine is truly part of the UD community. Not only does she advise a sorority, but attends sporting events like soccer and lacrosse for fun. For the Honors Program, she runs some of the more labor-intensive activities – the Distinguished Scholars competition and New Student Orientation. The reason I am writing this nomination though is because I value her as a professional mentor. She has taught me a number of things about forging professional relationships to support the goals of our office or to help advance my career. She has encouraged me to explore other functional areas on campus and helps me think through career decisions and job applications. The most important thing she has taught me though is to be honest and have professional conversations instead of being resentful or passive-aggressive. She and I have disagreed from time to time and through honest thoughtful conversations, developed a stronger relationship and improved the way we handle projects in the office. She is the person I respect the most at UD and know that I will always have her support. I trust her guidance and I have become a better professional because of my work with her. Nominated by: Sarah Georger


Our sincere congratulations to all employees nominated!

Erik Leefeldt (x2)
Danielle Dolan
Cheri Skipworth
Juan Castellanos
Christine Schultz
Barbara Ford
Andre Smith
Craig Gillund
Kelly Ball
Jaclyn Tatnall