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How can our expertise in soft matter and polymers benefit you?


Become a member of our center. Benefits include:

  • Facilitated development of blanket (research/disclosure) agreements
  • Multiple options for licensing of CRiSP-developed IP
  • Advance and free access to CRiSP publications
  • Short courses
  • Webinars
  • Newsletters
  • Job advertising through website and internal CRiSP emails
  • Priority recruiting access to graduate students and postdocs
  • Access to facilities, equipment, and software
  • Consulting opportunities with faculty/staff
  • Ability to provide research recommendations via industrial advisory board
  • Scientist/engineer exchange
  • Seminar opportunities on-campus to promote company activities


Additional opportunities:

Host an intern. Undergraduate or graduate students with a background in soft matter and polymers can be an asset to your organization.

Work with us. Our expert faculty can consult on a wide variety of projects.

Utilize our technical services. With state-of-the-art equipment and world-class expertise, we can be a resource for synthesis, fabrication, characterization, modeling, theory and simulations.

Advance education and diversity through sponsorship opportunities. Through short courses, webinars, workforce training, tours and visits for high school students and undergraduate students, and event sponsorship, you can engage the next generation of innovators.

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