Established in the Spring of 2019 as a research unit within the College of Engineering of the University of Delaware, the Center for Research in Soft matter & Polymers (CRiSP) serves to collaboratively advance transformative polymers and soft materials research by leveraging the burgeoning excellence of UD faculty, students, staff, and outside partnerships in this fast-growing and highly-interdisciplinary field.  CRiSP’s vision is to become a world leader of vital next-generation materials and technologies, and our goal is to have a sustained impact on infrastructure, science, and technology at the University, in the region, and throughout the world.  The center includes world-recognized faculty in polymers and soft materials (including National Academy Members, journal editors, scientific society presidents, national award winners, national advisory board members), and leverages a close proximity to global leaders in the chemical industry, national laboratories, and government agencies.

The center is led by Prof. Thomas H. Epps, III (Director) and Prof. LaShanda T. J. Korley (Associate Director).  CRiSP’s faculty have appointments in the Departments of Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering, Materials Science & Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, and Biomedical Engineering, along with affiliations in Chemistry & Biochemistry, Physics & Astronomy, and several local companies.  CRiSP’s graduate students hold NSF, NASA, and other nationally competitive fellowships, and are an integral part of the Center’s research team.  Additionally, CRiSP’s researchers include postdoctoral researchers and research professionals who bring experience and expertise from leading scientific institutions around the world.

Our research impact areas include human health (tissue engineering; drug delivery), sustainability/energy (renewable materials; membranes; self-healing systems; coatings/mechanics), and protection and personal care (composites; colloids).  The center has strengths in materials synthesis, computation, characterization, instrumentation development, processing, technology development, and industrial collaboration.  Furthermore, the center supports research in polymers, biomaterials, complex fluids, modeling/simulation, metrology, and initiatives in education & workforce development, and diversity.

We welcomes inquiries from prospective students (undergraduate and graduate), researchers, faculty, industry partners, and sponsors.


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Polymers & Colloids

We develop and characterize soft materials to enable a better future.

Modeling & Simulation

We study materials atom by atom using cutting-edge computational methods.

Design, Synthesis & Processing

We can create new materials from concept to end use. 

Metrology & Instrument Development

We develop the tools needed to push the field forward.


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Phone: 302-831-4500

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