Run the Model and Explore!

To explore the effects of vaccination, go here:Vaccination Effects Explorer 

Base Case, Default Parameters
50% Mask Compliance, some off campus activities.

Base Case plus Social Distancing

Protect the Flock: 
Mask Wearing and Social Distancing




  1. Required locally installing NETLOGO software from Northwestern Univ (FREE) Click HERE
  2. Download the COVID MODEL V4.0 as a Zip file, unzip and run:  Click HERE


(NOTE: VPN required off-campus- you will need to use your UDEL login to access VMWare. Please be patient while the software loads)

The model comes pre-populated with default values. Just hit SETUP and then GO to launch the simulation.

If you wish to change values and explore the impact, follow these steps before you click SETUP & GO:

  1. select the initial number of infected students
  2. set the level of mask wearing, and whether social distancing is being observed
  3. You can choose whether to implement stay-at-home orders and/or quarantine infected students, as well as
  4. the % of students engaging in weekend off campus activities.
  5. Every item BELOW SETUP can be changed during the run to see the impact on the COVID-19 trajectory for the campus.

Some suggested scenarios:

  • turn off all mask wearing, social distancing, no stay-at-home or quarantine and allow for off campus activities, and see what exponential growth looks like in an unprotected population
  • turn on social distancing and reduce off campus activities with full compliance with mask wearing, i.e. “Protect the Flock”
  • explore what happens when you have lower levels of mask compliance and more students engaged in off campus activities
  • explore how early quarantine and/or stay-at home orders must be implemented to mitigate catastrophic spread of the virus


The model is written in the open source NETLOGO. Those wishing to modify and expand upon this simple teaching model can download the code on the code tab of the model page. Please acknowledge this NSF Funded Project in any references to this code, developed by Mr. Soham Jariwala of Team Darien.