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6abc reporting on Project Darien

>> when it comes to the spread of covid-19 university campuses around the nation, have been working to figure out how to keep the virus at bay. >> researchers from the university of delaware have been studying student behavior. alicia’s here with what they have found. >> reporter: so intriguing in how they pulled it off is even more interesting. they combined aerial observation was intelligence to model how students are interacting with others on campus and in the surroundingcommunities. they call it project darren, they hope what they find here will help students see the impacts of their actions.>> one of the key components if you will in understanding covid is really looking at how people behave at the local level, right. so walking around campus, going to class, going to the gym, going to the dining hall, doing your every day things.>> they studied, students say at a crosswalk right here. what would happen if say mess of the students were wearing