Scholar in the Library Presentation HIST – 460/660 (Fall 2021)

Scholar in the Library “Delaware College and Newark in the Era of Slavery, Indentured Labor, and Abolition”

December 7, 2021

Using materials from Special Collections and University Archives, students in the Fall 2021 seminar “Race and Inequality in Delaware” investigated the history of the University of Delaware in the age of enslavement and emancipation. Join the seminar’s students and faculty as they share their research on Delaware College’s ties to slavery, and its relationship to neighboring communities of indentured, enslaved and free people of color in the 1830s to 1850s. Inspired by the UD Antiracism Initiative, “Race and Inequality in Delaware” is the first in a series of team-taught seminars that examine legacies of slavery and dispossession in Delaware’s past, and ask how to redress these histories in the present. Professors Laura E. Helton and Dael A. Norwood are joined by their students for this presentation.

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