University of Delaware Alternative Breaks

About UDaB

The University of Delaware Alternative Break (UDaB) organization immerses student-led teams in direct service and experiential learning with community organizations to increase knowledge of social justice issues and encourage life-long active citizenship. UDaB programs consist of a weeklong experience to work with a community over winter or spring break. Each program has a focus area that ranges from the environment to domestic violence to disabilities and much more and involves significant education of such focus area(s) before, during, and after the alternative break. Partial scholarships are made available based on financial aid.


Mission and Vision

UDaB focuses on promoting social justice by providing opportunities for students to engage in mutually beneficial service with a vision to develop a community of active citizens.


Core Values



  • Our work strives to build abundant community, recognizing the unique gifts and talents of every member. It strives to create equitable, inclusive, and intentional spaces.

Diversity and Social Justice

  • Our work strives to be welcoming and to value all people, not despite but because of our differences. We value the strength in  perspectives within diverse groups of people, and we do not see our work possible without learning from one another. Our work is built around equity and inclusion, ultimately contributing to the goal of a socially just world.

Mutually Beneficial Service

  • Our work strives to create partnerships that address community-identified needs and support local community organizers, while promoting an educational and developmental experience for student participants. We work in solidarity with the community organizations and individuals we encounter, striving to promote allyship and engagement before, during, and after the alternative break experience.


  • Our work strives to align our mission/ vision with all of our actions. We aim to cultivate values-based decisions and leadership.


UDaB began in 2010 and piloted its first program during the 2011 Spring Break. In that first year, 92 student participants and 12 student leaders traveled to five communities to pursue service projects. In 2017, 538 student participants and 56 student leaders traveled to 24 communities over winter and spring break, contributing almost 18,000 hours of service and learning an immeasurable amount from those they served.

UDaB has been the recipient of support from the families and friends of participants. The program is grateful for all of the support from the university community and the contributions from donors. Please consider a donation today!

“Originally, I joined UDaB more as a social outlet, but what I found was a community of love that kept bringing me back”

Sam Dobbs '17

“I’ve been with UDaB for 4 years. Tremendous group of people, well-led, and what’s amazing is when they show up on day one, they are already a group. They come as a block for a week. That’s a lot of work hours and they are all good quality work hours. What more can you ask for?”

Tom Baxter

Community Partner, Habitat for Humanity