University of Delaware Alternative Breaks

Dare to Make a Difference.

UDaB’s mission as an alternative breaks program, is to create a variety of issue-based, service learning experiences. Our programs are available to undergraduate students of all backgrounds and incomes during spring and winter breaks. We strive to be accessible to all undergraduate university students as both a facilitator of these break programs and as an advisor for other student groups that would like to plan, participate in, and reflect on service.

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“UDaB to me, means so much more than just that one week of service. It has been my defining experience at the University of Delaware.”

Ellen Barber '17

“UDaB has taught me that true service is never about yourself. It’s about people and causes that are so much bigger than yourself. It’s about working beside one another, appreciating one another, loving one another. Service is about mutual respect. It’s about acknowledging one another’s humanity. “

Erin Dugan '16

“UDaB is more than Spring Break. First and foremost, UDaB is about service. It’s about giving our time and our hearts to those who need it. It’s about learning firsthand about social issues in communities outside of our own. UDaB is about freeing judgments and immersing ourselves into service. UDaB is about making a difference, and discovering what you are capable of. UDaB is breaking barriers and building bonds.”

Madison Gutekunst '17