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Wireless Intelligent Systems Engineering

Research at the Center for Wireless Intelligent Systems Engineering (UD-WiSE) brings together the physics of active meta-surface antennas, for coherent holographic MIMO; the nanoscience of photonic chip scale system design and nano-fabrication, for RF photonic integrated circuits (RF-PICs); and the mathematics of adaptive signal processing, machine learning, and computational imaging, for intelligent sensing and communication (ISAC) networks of the future. Photonic manipulation and transportation of radio waves allow low-latency coherent distribution of multifunction, multibeam and multiband wavefronts over a large geographic area, providing a novel means of implementing the Extremely Large-Scale MIMO (XL-MIMO) and the Platform Is The Antenna (PITA) concepts.

We are dedicated to fostering regional STEM education and engagement with the private and public sector partners on solutions to real-world problems.

UD-WiSE is co-led by Profs. Dennis Prather and Xiao-Feng Qi of the University of Delaware, and Prof. Mukti Rana of Delaware State University, and is part of the Electrical and Computer Engineering Department at the University of Delaware.


Fostering regional STEM education and providing real-world training


Integrated sensing and communication (ISAC) networks that operate in highly complex and dynamic radio environments

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Engagement with private and public sector partners on solutions to real-world problems

About UD-WiSE

UD-WiSE focuses on system-wide optimization of photonically-enabled wireless networks that perform distributed sensing and communication functions. Our research covers several key aspects of system optimization: design and fabrication of RF-photonic integrated circuits (RF-PIC); integration into multifunction systems; development of intelligent adaptation algorithms for a radio network. The end-to-end testbed for coherent distributed MIMO will demonstrate performance of novel algorithms in a real-world environment. State-of-the-art photonic multi-chip integration facility allows onsite fabrication of test devices.

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EEE Future Networks World Forum

EEE Future Networks World Forum

UD-WiSE PhD candidates, Hannah Sinigaglio and Shadia Islam Chowdhury served as volunteers at the global forum, and shared research outcomes on k-space imager and distributed holographic MIMO.

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The Center for Wireless Intelligent Systems Engineering at the University of Delaware
(UD-WiSE) is a research center within the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering.

research activities

  • Fabricate Devices and Test Subsystems
  • Design and Validate Algorithms
  • Analyze and Simulate Network Performance
  • Specify, Design and Integrate Demo Platform


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