Upward Bound Math/Science

Upward Bound Math/Science Program


We are still accepting applications for summer residential staff.  If you are interested, email your application to bek@udel.edu ASAP!

Summer Residential Staff WANTED!

UBMS experiences STEM at it’s most thrilling!

On Friday, November 10th, 18 UBMS students were afforded the opportunity to experience STEM on a whole new (and thrilling) level by participating in iFLY’s STEM Education Program, at their facility in White Marsh, Marlyand.  After learning about the physics of flight, each student was allowed to experience the simulated free fall experience of skydiving, twice!   From the tallest to the smallest, students navigated the difficult task of staying upright and “flying” inside iFLY’s vertical wind tunnel, and then got to see how different objects (including water) responded to gravity and drag force.  It was, undoubtedly, an experience they will never forget; and hopefully, propel them all into discovering a new or renewed interest in physics, engineering and technology!

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