Vehicle Maintenance

The Vehicle Maintenance staff of three vehicle technicians is responsible for the University fleet consisting of 300+ cars, trucks, vans and 14 buses.

Hours of Operation

6:30 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. Daily
Closed Saturday and Sunday.

Vehicle Maintenance Hourly Rate: $40.00/hr

Phone: (302) 831-8434

To provide detail information regarding an issue(s) with a departmental vehicle, an email should be sent to Vehicle Maintenance

Vehicle Maintenance Area Guidelines

Providing a safe work environment within the Vehicle Maintenance area of Transportation Services is essential, therefore access to the Vehicle Maintenance area is restricted to technicians and pertinent staff unless otherwise approved by management. The following procedures are in place to help ensure the safe and efficient operation of the Vehicle Maintenance area:

If a vehicle is running when doors are closed, it should be connected to floor level exhaust system. Vehicle must be connected until work is completed.
If a vehicle is being repaired for any type of a fuel problem, the exhaust fan equipment must be in use.
When working in the area, technicians must utilize the proper disposal outlet. Outlets are provided for used oil; used anti-freeze; all oil dry and oil filters and rags. Under no circumstance are fluids to be disposed of using slot drains.
Repair of any vehicle other than University registered vehicles in the Vehicle Maintenance area is prohibited.
Issues regarding vehicle repairs or scheduled work must be approved by the Manager, Transportation Services. Manager should be alerted of problems from any repairs or maintenance issues.