UD Transportation – ADA Transportation Update

The ADA Transportation Department is excited to announce the launch of Transloc OnDemand, a new ride-sharing service designed to provide convenient and accessible transportation options for our students, staff, and faculty with disabilities and injuries.

Starting on February 6, 2023, Transloc OnDemand will be available to all ADA students, staff, and faculty at University of Delaware who are approved for transportation through either Disability Support Services or Student Health. This service is designed to help you manage your time more effectively by allowing you to request a ride through a user-friendly mobile app, and our specially-trained drivers and vehicles are equipped to accommodate individuals with disabilities and injuries. Our dispatching system ensures that a driver is always nearby and able to reach you quickly, minimizing wait times and maximizing your time.

With just a few simple taps on your smartphone, you can schedule a ride and the app will match you with the nearest available vehicle. You’ll receive real-time updates on the location of your ride and an estimated time of arrival, and you can even track your ride in real-time on a map.  To request a ride, download the ADA Transport app, OnDemand, and create an account with your UD email. 

We understand the importance of time management for everyone on campus and are committed to providing safe, reliable, and accessible transportation options. We are proud to partner with Transloc OnDemand to offer this service to all ADA students, staff, and faculty at University of Delaware.

To get started, simply download the Transloc OnDemand app from the App Store or Google Play and register for an account. If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact Transportation Team  adatransport@udel.edu.

Here’s a quick guide on how to use the University of Delaware’s OnDemand app.


    Tips and Tricks Guide: 

    • Take advantage of the schedule feature: The OnDemand app allows you to schedule rides in advance. Use this feature to ensure you have a ride when you need it and avoid last-minute scheduling.
    • Track your ride in real-time: Use the app to track your ride in real-time. This will give you an estimate of when your ride will arrive and allow you to plan accordingly.
    • Be punctual: Respect the driver’s time and be ready when the ride arrives. Being punctual is not only courteous, but it also helps to keep the ride-sharing service running smoothly.
    • Provide clear instructions: When scheduling a ride, make sure to provide clear instructions for the driver. This will help ensure a smooth and efficient ride.
    • Keep an eye on the service hours: The OnDemand service is available from 7am to 10pm, Monday through Friday. Plan your rides within the service hours to avoid disappointment.
    • Don’t forget to cancel the ride if you don’t need it anymore: To avoid confusion and ensure the service runs smoothly, please cancel any rides that you no longer need.


    OnDemand Troubleshooting Guide: 

    • I can’t find my driver: If you’re having trouble finding your driver, try checking the in-app map for the driver’s location and estimated time of arrival. 
    • I’m having trouble scheduling a ride: If you’re having trouble scheduling a ride, make sure you’re within the service hours (7am to 10pm, Monday through Friday) and that you have a valid pickup and drop-off location selected. If you’re still having trouble, try restarting the app.
    • My driver is lost: If your driver is having trouble finding your pickup location, try providing clear instructions through the app or contacting ADA dispatch for assistance.
    • My ride is taking longer than expected: If your ride is taking longer than expected, try checking the in-app map for real-time updates on the driver’s location. 
    •  I need to cancel my ride: If you need to cancel your ride, you can do so through the app. 
    •  I have a complaint or suggestion: If you have a complaint or suggestion regarding the service, please contact the ADA Transportation through email or phone. They will be happy to assist you and address any issues you may have.
    •  I have an issue with my driver: If you have an issue with your driver, please contact the ADA Transportation.  They will investigate the matter and take appropriate actions.
    •  I lost something in the car: If you lost something in the car, please contact the driver and ADA Transportation as soon as possible. They will try their best to locate and return the item to you.
    •  The app is not working properly: If the app is not working properly, try restarting the app and make sure you have the latest version of the app installed. 
    •  I have a question that is not listed here: If you have a question that is not listed here, please contact ADA Transportation at adatransport@udel.edu.