UD Shuttle Bus Service Policies

The UD Shuttle serves the University of Delaware students, faculty, and staff. Riders may be asked to present University identification before boarding.


Service dogs are welcome on University operated vehicles. No other animals are permitted.

Emergency Phones

In case of an emergency, Blue Light phones are located throughout campus.

Inclement Weather

The UD Shuttle automatically closes if classes are cancelled due to inclement weather. In case of hazardous road conditions, closing or route change information during regular business hours is available by calling 831-1187 (Transportation Office) or after hours, by calling 831-2222 (Public Safety).

Lost/Stolen Items

Prior to departing from a bus or leaving a bus stop, please survey your area to make sure you have taken all of your belongings with you. The UD Shuttle is not responsible for any personal items which are lost or stolen on any University operated shuttle bus or bus stop.

Personal Respect

Please respect the rights of others. Smoking, eating and drinking are not permitted on University buses.

Refusal of Service

The University reserves the right to refuse service to any person who is under the influence of intoxicating liquor or drugs, or who is incapable of taking care of himself/herself, or whose conduct is such, or is likely to be such, as to make him/her objectionable to other passengers or prospective passengers.


University buses will only stop at designated locations.

Wheelchair Accessibility

The University operates buses which are wheelchair accessible. For specific information please call 831-1187.


  • Stay back from the curb until the bus comes to a complete stop.
  • Cross the street behind the bus. This helps you to see, and to be seen by other motorists.
  • Do not walk between two stopped buses.
  • When driving another vehicle, do not pass a stopped bus unless you are in a passing zone.
  • Be ready to get on or off the bus when it stops. Drivers are instructed not to open the doors again once they begin to re-enter traffic.
  • Drivers are instructed to load and unload at bus stops only.
  • If standing, please move to the center of the bus. Drivers are instructed not to move the bus with people standing in unsafe locations on the bus.
  • University of Delaware bus drivers take pride in their ability to prevent accidents each day. Your driver is a trained, professional bus operator.


UD Shuttle service cannot assume responsibility for inconvenience, expense, or damage resulting from errors in time tables, delayed buses, failure to make connections, or for changes in or shortage of equipment. The schedules and routes are subject to change without notice.

UD Shuttle service is always open to suggestions concerning route and scheduling changes as well as complaints regarding any aspect of our service. Write to: Manager, UD TRANSPORTATION SERVICES, University of Delaware 19716 or e-mail BUS@UDEL.EDU or call 831-1187.

Shuttle route schedules are available at the beginning of the Fall Semester at the Trabant University Center, Student Services Building, Perkins Student Center, Christiana Commons, Morris Library, Public Safety, and the Field House.