New Vehicle Purchases


Begin with contacting Facilities Finance, to ensure the appropriate funds are available for your replacement.

After review from Facilities Finance, submit a Purchase Order Requisition in webforms (replaced by Non-Catalog Item requisition in UD Exchange) considering the following:

Is this an addition to the fleet (no trade-in)?  If so, include Aimee Turner (VP for Finance) in the approval routing of the requisition.

Is there a trade-in?  If so, specify on the requisition and submit an Equipment Activity webform with listed as cc.

Description of trade:

Example: Truck 2012 Chevrolet Colorado

Tag number

Serial number (VIN)

Acquisition date

Will this vehicle be leaving the US?

Are there any special requirements? (e.g. Liftgate, ratchet straps, shelving, racks, dashcam, etc.) If so, specify on requisition.

All vehicles are required to include the following equipment:

Back-Up Alarm

Rear View Camera

A total of 4 keys

Temporary & Permanent Tag

All new vehicles will be delivered to Transportation Services.

Transportation Services will update information with Vehicle Maintenance and Risk Management (Insurance).

Tagging and titling at Delaware DMV will be the responsibility of the dealer.

Consult appropriate State of Delaware contract for available vehicles and pricing:

Light Duty Passenger Vehicles:

Pickup Trucks, Chassis, and Vans:

Note: Vehicles purchased from dealers other than those listed on the State of Delaware contract may incur additional maintenance costs which will be charged back to the ordering unit.