Motor Pool Policies

· Motor Pool vehicles may be used for University business by any member of the University faculty, staff, or student organization that has been approved by the appropriate Dean or Department Head. Under no circumstances are University vehicles (or rental vehicles) to be used for personal use.

· Motor Pool requests are filled on a first-come, first-served basis.

· If University Motor Pool vehicles are not available, contact the Purchasing Department to obtain a vehicle from and outside vendor.

· If the University Motor Pool vehicle is not returned on time, and is scheduled for use by another user, the Motor Pool will obtain an alternative vehicle for the second user and any additional expenses, over and above the University pool rate, will be charged to the delinquent user.

· 24 Hour cancellation notice is required. A half-day charge will be incurred for any reservation canceled with less than 24-hour notice.

· University Motor Pool vehicles must be parked in the Motor Pool parking lot overnight, when in Newark unless an exception has been arranged.

· Insurance regulations exclude as the driver of a Motor Pool vehicle any person who is not an employee of or affiliated with the University of Delaware. All drivers must possess a valid driver’s license. A driver must be I8 years of age to drive a University pool car. University Motor Pool vehicles are not insured for use in Canada or Mexico.

· Animals, with the exception of licensed Aid Dogs, are strictly prohibited from Motor Pool Vehicles.

· Possession or consumption of alcoholic beverages and/or drugs in vehicles is prohibited. Evidence of such may result in the forfeiture of future Motor Pool privileges.

· Mechanical failure or damage due to the negligence of the driver will be the responsibility of the user department or student organization.

· The driver is responsible for all personal belongings in the vehicle. The user is to remove all trash from the vehicle upon return. The user group will be charged for any cleaning required due to their neglect.

· The driver is responsible for refueling the vehicle before returning it to the Motor Pool. If the vehicle is not refueled before being returned to the Motor Pool, the user department will be charged for vehicle refueling.

· Failure to follow policies may result in additional charges and/or forfeiture of Motor Pool privileges for the Department involved.

· The security of the vehicle is the responsibility of the driver.

· It is the user department’s responsibility to have their drivers adhere to all speed and traffic laws.

· All accidents are to be reported within 24 hours and immediately if personal injury is involved. The registration and insurance card are located in the owner’s manual packet located in the glove box. See procedures below.

· Driver and all passengers must use seat belts.

· Smoking is prohibited in all University Motor Pool vehicles.



· A Request for Service form must be supplied by the user department or approved student organization to lease a pool vehicle. Keys will not be released unless the request for services form is in the hands of Motor Pool personnel.

· All drivers must present a valid driver’s license each time a vehicle is used (18 years of age for a University Motor Pool vehicle).

· No vehicle will be released unless the Request for Services form has been received.

· If a driver is unfamiliar with the operation of a Motor Pool vehicle, instructions will be provided before departure.

· The driver should make a physical inspection of the vehicle before leaving the pool parking lot. The driver should check turn signals, foot, and parking breaks, windshield wipers, registration and accident pack, and general condition of the vehicle. Dents and damage should be noted on the form provided.

· For security purposes, the driver should close all windows and lock all doors when leaving the vehicle unattended.

· Vehicles must not be taken or returned at other than the scheduled times. Unscheduled early departures may result in an extra charge and suspension of Motor Pool privileges.

· If the vehicle cannot be returned at the appointed time, it is the responsibility of the driver to call the Motor Pool at (302) 831-8471 during office hours or University Police after hours at (302) 831-2222. If calling the Desk Sergeant, inform him of the vehicle number and when the vehicle will be returned. Additional charges may be accessed.

· The following items must be sealed in a provided envelope and turned into the Motor Pool office when a pool vehicle is returned:

1. Keys (when issued)

2. All gas credit cards (when issued).

3. Charge receipts for gas.

· After hours the above information can be deposited in the Motor Pool drop box located next to the front door of the Motor Pool Office.

· It is the driver’s responsibility to complete the start and finish mileage on the provided envelope.

· It is the driver’s responsibility to report any mechanical problems concerning the vehicle’s performance.

· It is the responsibility of the user to pay all traffic violations, fines, and parking fees. The Motor Pool does not reimburse for parking fees. Reimbursement for tolls and parking fees should be handled through the requesting department.

In Case of Accident

· The police must be contacted for all accidents. If police are not notified, the user department or student organization will be held responsible for any damages or liabilities as attended by the signature of the Request for Services form. The final responsibility for a reported accident will be determined by the Police Report.

· If an accident occurs on campus, notify the University Police at 831-2222 at once. A full report of all accidents must be submitted to the Motor Pool Office within 24 hours of return of the vehicle.

· If personal injury is involved or the Motor Pool vehicle can not be driven away from the accident, notify the Motor Pool office immediately at (302) 831-8471. If after office hours notify University Police at (302) 831-2222 giving your location and a telephone number you can be reached.

· Do Not discuss the accident or sign any reports or statements.

· Never admit responsibility to the other party.

Please be certain that you have read and understand the policies and procedures applicable to Motor Pool vehicles before requesting a vehicle.

Motor Pool Request Form

Procedure for Vehicle Registration

All University-owned vehicles (State Plate or Private) are to be titled to the address of 403 Wyoming Road. Motor Pool will manage Toll and EZ pass violations; charges will be forwarded to the unit responsible for payment in a timely manner. This process will reduce potential default/penalty charges.

Titling for vehicles with State Plates is as follows:

· Dealer delivers vehicle with Certificate of Origin, Title application #212A, Odometer statement and invoice for signature.

· If Motor Pool processes title; documents arrive signed by the dealer and are completed within the Motor Pool.

Titling for State-Owned private plates is as follows:

· Dealer delivers signed documents as above, State of Delaware Exemption from “State-Owned” form is completed and signed.

· Forms are dated and must be updated annually.

· A letter requesting permission for exemption is written, signed, and transmitted by Motor Pool personnel. Pertinent information will be required. (Sample)

· Documents listed above are signed by the President and relayed to Dover for approval with the expected completion of at least six weeks. Vehicle paperwork is retained in Transportation until notification that Exemption is approved.

· University personnel complete process at Dover DMV location. Registration cards and license plates are then transmitted to the assigned department, the title is retained in Motor Pool.