Fuel Card Instructions

Due to new security features with chip enabled cards, motor pool fuel cards may not work properly when paying at the pump.

If the terminal requires you choose either “Credit” or “Debit”, Press the “Credit” key. When prompted input driver number provided when picking up the vehicle. 

If the pump reader will not read the card, see attendant inside to process your transaction electronically.

Fuel card will be locked for 24 hours after THREE failed attempts to use the card.

If possible, refuel at a major brand gas station (Shell, Exxon, Sunoco). You may have difficulty using the fuel card at convenience store gas stations (WAWA, Royal Farms, Etc.).

The driver is responsible for refueling the vehicle before returning it to Motor Pool. If the vehicle is not refueled before being returned to Motor Pool, the user department will be charged for vehicle refueling.