Intro to Word Press at UD

  1. Log in to

    1. The first time you log in, you receive a site of your own.
      You can navigate to it by hovering over “My Sites” in the upper left of your screen.
      If you need a departmental or project site, please use this form.
  2. Dashboard:

    1. CampusPress explains the dashboard on this page.
      Pay special attention to the menu on the left sidebar, and the admin bar across the top.
      Settings overview
  3. Content:

    1. Posts vs Pages: What’s the difference and why should I care?
      A general purpose website uses pages most often.
      Create a page for your site.
      A blog focuses on posts which are generally displayed with the most recent one first.
      Create a post for your site.
      Departmental sites may use both.
  4. Building your site:

    1. Now that you have some content, you can make changes to the look and feel of your site.
  5.  Need more help?

    1. Edublogs’ support pages
    2. VTC Training – ask for login & password at
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