Coverdale Farm Preserve Market Garden Harvester

General Description: Delaware Nature Society’s mission is to connect people with the natural world to improve our environment through education, advocacy and conservation. We envision a healthy and sustainable environment.

We recognize that how we grow food has a profound impact on the environment.

Coverdale Farm Preserve’s practices weave together conservation, high quality food, and community.  Our vision is to build a healthy and resilient ecosystem, increase biodiversity, contribute to our local/regional food system, train the next generation of farmers, and educate our constituents.

The Market Garden Harvester plays an important role in our work bringing an attention to detail and strong work ethic to the operation of an intensive organic four-season vegetable production enterprise that exemplifies the synergetic relationship between soil, plant, animal, and consumer. The Market Garden Harvester is part of a team charged with implementing a profitable vegetable production program.  This is a seasonal hourly position.


  1. Assist Market Garden Manager and Grower team in key aspects of an intensive organic four-season production system. Scope of work includes but is not limited to harvesting, washing, cleaning, and packaging product for presentation to both on and off farm customers.  Seeding, transplanting, cultivation, upkeep of production facilities such as wash/pack, cold storage, workshop, and on farm market zone, operate small scale farm equipment.
  2. Support the marketing of farm product through positive maintenance of constituent relationships. Share opportunities for diversified off-farm clients and relevant professional partners.
  3. Assist farm team members in livestock care, grounds maintenance, and other agricultural tasks as needed.
  4. Support and participate in farm based community engagement activities such as education programs, farmer training workshops, farm tours, and special events.

Supervisor: Coverdale Farm Market Garden Manager

Sources of Collaboration:
Core Farm Staff:  Farm Manager, Market Garden Manager, Livestock Manager,Market Garden Grower Team, Coverdale Farm & Grounds Crew
DNS Facility Manager
Coverdale Volunteers
DNS Land Management Department

Minimum Qualifications:

  • Commitment to and passion for the mission of Delaware Nature Society and Coverdale Farm Preserve
  • Ability to participate in hard physical labor for extended periods of time in various weather conditions
  • Ability to lift heavy objects and remain physically active throughout the day
  • Ability to work as a professional team member in an active, changing environment
  • Clean driving record and valid driver license
  • Professional maturity and positive interpersonal skills with friendly attitude
  • Organized, willing to take initiative, think and act proactively to solve problems and assess priorities, and manage a variety of tasks calmly and effectively
  • Excellent public relations and communication skills with an ease and enthusiasm for talking to individuals of all ages

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