PetersonSmith Equine Hospital + Complete Care Undergraduate Internship Program

About PSEH:

Established in 1981, PSEH has become one of the most highly recognized equine practices in the United States and is the largest equine practice in the North Central Florida area. PSEH is a specialty equine veterinary practice providing a wide range of equine veterinary services by our world-class veterinaries who are capable of performing the most cutting-edge diagnostics and treatments. PSEH is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to provide preventative, general, surgical, and critical care to horses. PSEH is a specialty referral hospital that accepts complex cases that other facilities in the nation and around the world cannot handle.

The complete care services provided by PSEH include, but are not limited to:

  • 24/7 emergency and critical care
  • Routine and advanced surgical care
  • Internal medicine
  • Advanced diagnostics and imaging include nuclear scintigraph and CT
  • Neonate and mare care
  • Specialized and advanced reproduction services including ICSI
  • Sports horse medicine and rehabilitation
  • Ophthalmology care and surgery
  • Dental care and surgery
  • Ambulatory care services

PSEH has the advantage of being located in Marion County the “Horse Capital of the World” and is home to the largest number of horses and ponies in the United States. The World Equestrian Center, the largest equestrian complex in the United States is also located in Marion County. Ocala, Florida is renowned for the many national and international horse competitions and shows that are hosted throughout the year. This provides PSEH the opportunity to serve unique and complex medical and complete care needs for a diverse and broad range of equine breeds and disciplines. 

The practice facility consists of two surgical suites, five wards with 8-12 stall in each and three open treatment areas to provide for the routine and emergency medical needs our of patients. PSEH has an Advanced Fertility Center (“AFC”) located in Summerfield, FL located on approximately 100-acres equipped to provide both outpatient and boarding services for a variety of reproduction and breeding needs. Our main facility is equipped to handle long-term care patients and patients that may be contagious that require strict isolation protocols.  PSEH has a full-service lab that is equipped to process a variety of samples for hematology, chemistry, microbiology, cytology, endocrine & immunology analyses.  Our lab is certified to perform Coggins testing and issue Coggins certificates that meet both domestic and international equine travel requirements. The AFC hosts a state-of-the-art reproduction lab that is able to perform advanced reproduction services that include artificial insemination, embryo transfers, and intracytoplasmic sperm injection procedures. Our practice has a full-service pharmacy that dispenses and sells prescription and non-prescription medications to meet a wide variety of preventative and medical needs.  In addition to the hospital and reproductive center, PSEH has a staff of 14 ambulatory veterinarians to provide on-site preventative, medical and emergency care to equine patients in the area.  Our ambulatory clients include some of the largest horse farms in Ocala.

In 1983, the practice started a training program and became a teaching hospital for interns and residents.  It has also been part of PSEH’s passion to train and develop the next generation of equine vets while passing along practical and relevant experience and treatment techniques.  The ultimate goal of PSEH’s training program is to produce highly trained equine veterinarians to meet the ever-changing future needs of equine care.

Program History:

PSEH started the undergrad intern training program in 2004.  The program is open to all students enrolled in or who have graduated from an agricultural, animal, or equine science program.  This is an intense hands-on learning experience that builds on the education and clinical skills that are provided to the student by your school.  All program participants must have equine handling skills to ensure a safe experience in our program.  This program may also be used to fulfil the practical experience requirements necessary for the student’s area of study at your school.  The student can choice an intern opportunity in one of the following areas: hospital (which includes exposure to a vast variety of medical cases, sports medicine/rehabilitation, and surgery), ambulatory and reproduction.