Landscape Exploration of Brazil: Winter 2024 Study Abroad

Have you ever wanted to cruise the Amazon river, hike through a rain forest, sleep in a hammock in the jungle, climb a mountain to view the gorgeous city of Rio de Janeiro, ride a tram high above the city streets, learn observation and sketching skills, explore plant/people interactions?  If so, Landscape Exploration of Brazil: Winter 2024 is for you!

Interested in learning more? Attend one of our interest sessions or visit us at the Spring Study Abroad Fair:

2/15/23: 6-7pm, Gore Hall 317

2/23/23: 2-4pm, Study Abroad Fair, Trabant Center

3/9/23: 5-6pm, Gore Hall 115

3/21/23: 6-7pm, Gore Hall 115

Now is the time to register for this exciting Study Abroad. For more information, contact Sue Barton ( or Zach Hammaker (