Summer 2023 Refugia Site Analysis/GIS Internship

During this two month internship, candidates will be engaged with in-depth site assessment and visualization. Working as a team on data collection and site analysis alongside Geographic Information Software (GIS) integration, this two person internship will work together with oversight from our in-house site analyst on the following:

  • Assessing individual sites to identify native plant species 
  • Creating a company database for species count throughout the network and within neighborhoods
  • Identifying keystone plants and calculating their impact on the network’s ecological health and biodiversity via the Plant Stewardship Index
  • Integrating data with Geographic Information Software (GIS) to enhance interaction and storytelling on the Greenway Network StoryMap

Applications welcomed from MS, MGIS, PSM in GIS students, and those with an academic background in ecology, plant science, environmental science, ecological restoration.

Paid 4-day 2 month internship. Flexible start and end dates. Housing not included.

Please visit the below link for additional information and to apply:

Application deadline is January 15, 2023.