Full Time Research Assistant Position

Research Assistant Announcement
AviServe LLC
1 Innovation Way, Suite 100
Newark, DE 19711

AviServe LLC is an independent diagnostic and research laboratory located in Newark, Delaware. AviServe specializes in poultry disease research and serves the needs of the poultry and allied industries through diagnosis, isolation and characterization of pathogens, vaccine development and testing, confidential contract research, and more.

We are looking to fill a position of a Research Assistant. The individual should have an associate or bachelor’s degree in a field of life science (animal science, biology, microbiology). The individual will perform various in vivo and in vitro experiments including cell culture, immunology, molecular biology, and work with chicken embryos and poultry, observing principles of excellent animal husbandry. Many techniques utilized at AviServe are specialized and will be taught by the principal investigator. However, incumbent should possess the following skills:

· Ability and willingness to learn new techniques and follow existing protocols.
· Proficiently conduct experiments according to protocols generated by the principal investigator.
· Ability and willingness to work with poultry (chickens and turkeys) including husbandry, daily monitoring, euthanasia, and necropsy.
· Be able to work with avian tissues, blood, serum, and other diagnostic samples.
· Ability to lift up to 50 lbs.
· Can work independently and on a larger team.
· Maintain laboratory equipment and supplies inventory.
· Occasionally supervise students and part-time employees working on research projects.
· Possess attention to detail and organizational skills.
· Abile to work a flexible schedule, which includes occasional early morning travel to poultry farms and hatcheries, and periodically working limited hours on weekends.
· Proficiency in Microsoft Office.

The salary ranges $35,000 to $45,000 based on education and prior experience. Incumbent will have fourteen (14) days of personal time with annual increases. Insurance and retirement benefits are not provided by the company, but options are available for discounted group plans.

Interested individuals can send a resume/curriculum vitae to Dr. Milos Markis at milosmarkis@yahoo.com.