R & D Intern with Romer Labs, Inc.

The R&D Intern will be responsible for preparing samples, conducting analytical testing, and general microbiological lab support in the Research & Development department at Romer Labs, Inc. in Newark, Delaware. Responsibilities will include microbiological media preparation (liquid broth, agar plates), growing and enumerating bacterial cultures, serological and biochemical identification of bacterial cultures, executing bacterial enrichment and detection procedures in experiments involving various food-related matrices, data collection and input into a computer database, data analysis, and maintaining laboratory notebooks and other documentation as well as general laboratory maintenance.

Job Duties:

• Safe and sterile handling of Biological Safety Level 2 bacteria (e.g. Salmonella, Listeria). Training will be provided.
• Prepare samples for external and internal customers.
• Maintain lab inventory of raw materials and work-in-progress materials for use in testing.
• Verify scales or other laboratory analytical equipment and maintain documentation.
• Conduct analytical tests using various antibody and molecular-based techniques.
• Provide back-up support for R&D labs.
• Maintain file documentation for incoming and outgoing shipments, batch sheets and testing logs. Procure substrate materials as well as other necessary items for the maintenance and functioning of the laboratories.
• Maintain a clean working area and assist with sanitation and maintenance of R&D laboratory and storage areas.
• Perform other duties or special projects as needed.

Job Requirements:

• High School Diploma or GED.
• Strong communication, interpersonal skills and general knowledge in MS Office and Lotus Notes.
• Currently enrolled in Undergraduate studies with Major in Food, Biological and/or Chemical Sciences. Some Microbiology lab experience preferred.

If interested contact:
Elissa Coleman