Learn about this exciting study abroad at an interest meeting on Wednesday, March 13 at 6 PM in 306 GORE. In the Landscape Exploration of Brazil study abroad program (W2020) students will study how humans interact with plants while learning methods to capture details in the landscape using freehand sketching and journaling.  The program will begin in the Amazon rain forest where students will explore local fauna, flora and culture.  We will then fly to Rio de Janeiro and stay in a hotel about one block from Ipanema beach.  We will see how the work of the famous landscape architect, Roberto Burle Marx impacts Brazilian culture in public and private gardens in and around Rio. We will also enjoy the beach, modern art museums and various cultural events such as samba and the famous “hippie fair”. Students will interact with members of the landscape firm Roberto Burle Marx, LTD as they study a variety of Brazilian landscapes and artists.  The two courses, Plants and Human Culture and Field Sketching of Landscape Subjects will include some classroom sessions as well as a wide variety of field trips to local gardens, museums, and parks.  The program will be co-led by Sue Barton and Anna Wik.  If you are interested, come to the Interest Meeting on the 13th or send Dr. Barton  an email  and you will be placed on an “Interest List” to keep you apprised of program planning updates.