Horticulture Scholarships Available

The Pennsylvania Heartland Unit of The Herb Society of America, a group dedicated to studying and actively sharing horticulture history and exploring herb use, is pleased to offer two scholarships this year.  The Unit will be awarding two $1,500.00  scholarships.  These scholarships will be awarded to two students active within the field of horticulture or a related study.  They will be awarded to students living in the Heartland area, which includes: Berks, Montgomery, Chester, York, Schuylkill, Lancaster, Columbia, Lehigh and Lebanon counties.  Applicants must be third or fourth year students in the study of horticulture or a related field.

The criteria for the scholarship are as follows:

    • Full time student entering his/her sophomore, junior or senior year in horticulture or related fields which include agricultural sciences, botany, agronomy, environmental sciences and sustainability studies, consideration will also be given to a full time graduate student.
    • Two references: one college advisor or professor, and one person of student’s choice. It is the applicant’s responsibility to send in the references with application.
    • The most current official college transcript must be sent with the application. In lieu of available grades, Masters Students must provide proof of enrollment. If available most currant transcript from that program should be provided.
    • Essay: Why did you choose the field of horticulture or related field and what do you plan to do with your education in the future?
    • Applicants may reapply the following year.

All applications must be received by April 1, 2019.

Visit our Heartland Unit website at: www.PAHeartlandHSA.org