Summer Internship with University of Delaware Cooperative Extension

Summer Internship Opportunity with University of Delaware Extension Integrated Pest Management (IPM) Program

Job Responsibilities
Assist the Extension IPM Agent with planning and implementing Extension demonstrations and applied research projects. More specifically, responsibilities include:
• Assisting the IPM Agent and Extension Weed Specialist with projects demonstrating the role cover crops play in reducing slug injury on soybeans and the additional weed control benefits cover crops provide.
• Assisting the IPM Agent and Extension Plant Pathologist with demonstrating the role variety selection and foliar fungicides can have on reducing Fusarium Head Blight in wheat.
• Survey soybean fields throughout the state to monitor Kudzu bug expansion and to monitor insect pest populations so that growers can be alerted of potential pest outbreaks.
• Participate in a survey to document the incidence and severity of Soybean Vein Necrosis Virus (SVNV), a new disease of soybeans recently discovered in Delaware.
• Create educational materials such as Youtube videos, photo libraries, Extension Fact Sheets.
• Share demonstration and research results at grower meetings and field days.
• Assist the IPM Agent with conducting applied research on the management of various insect pests on vegetable and field crops.

Please contact Bill Cissel, Extension IPM Agent for more information: