Plant Pathologist position at Frontier Scientific, Inc.

Associate Biologist (Plant Pathology)
Job Description
We are seeking a full-time Associate Biologist with a background in Plant Pathology, Microbiology, Agriculture, or related field. The successful candidate will perform work to support the operations of the Seed Treatment Enterprise with emphasis in Plant Pathology.  The Associate Biologist will need to work with various team members to orchestrate the timely screening and advancement of different projects


  • Implementation and operation of bioassays to determine possible seed treatment candidates. This work includes: Protocol development for seed safety and efficacy screening; plant bioassay; plant maintenance throughout the test; appropriate use of company resources when conducting experiments.
  • Coordinate experimental designs in greenhouses and growth chambers: This research will require numerous biological observations and test evaluations necessary to support research efforts; data collection, analysis and generation of reports using various data software applications; ability to present summary of technical results.
  • Laboratory work such as: pathogen culture; chemical dilutions, preparation, of formulation and application of test solutions; implementation and execution of studies (development of new protocols); implementation of regulatory standards for plant pathogens (maintenance and utilization), based on issued USDA permits; implement and develop safety practices to insure safety in the work environment.


  • MS or BS, Biological Sciences or Agriculture (Plant Pathology/ Microbiology)
  • Experience in research laboratory
  • Strong interpersonal and communication skills
  • Experience in translating oral and written directions into empirical reality
  • Experience in observation and paying close attention to detail
  • Familiarity with safety procedures
  • Strong track record of reliably delivering on-time results
  • Strong interpersonal skills. Willing to work in a group of diverse people while supporting team members to meet team objectives.
  • As appropriate, possess the ability to work independently.
  • Experience with computer programs, such as Microsoft Word and Excel
  • Familiarity with and interest in conducting greenhouse, controlled environment chamber, and/or field trials with experimental chemicals

For more information or to apply contact:

Tony Guida, Site Manager
Frontier Scientific, Inc.
Office Location: DuPont Stine-Haskell Research Center
1090 Elkton Road, S220/103
Newark, DE 19711
Office: 302-451-5737