Undergraduate Research Assistant Positions Available

Dr. Megan Killian, an Assistant Professor in the UD Department of Biomedical Engineering, is seeking undergraduate research assistants for her new laboratory at the Delaware Biotechnology Institute adjacent to campus.  Her research interests include tendon and cartilage development, injury and repair and can be found at http://www.bme.udel.edu/megan-killian/.  She works with animal models, imaging, and computer modeling which would impart a wide range of research skills to interested students.  She is specifically open to Pre-veterinary applicants for positions in her laboratory.
Additional information on the positions is provided below:

  • Undergraduate research positions in design, molecular/cell biology, and anatomy are currently available in the Killian laboratory to study connective tissue biology and biomechanics. Biomedical Engineering undergraduate students, as well as Mechanical Engineering, pre-Vet, and biology undergraduate students, are encouraged to apply.
  • 3 positions available
  • Volunteer with potential for hourly pay
  • At least 10 hrs per week
  • Students should send resume, a list of completed courses, and a statement of research interests to Dr. Megan Killian, (killianm@udel.edu)