8-bit Orchestra: Appreciation for Video Game Music

This week on The Music Room, we travelled all the way to Puglisi Recital Hall to see a live rehearsal of the 8-bit Orchestra‘s upcoming show. The 8-bit Orchestra is a UD Registered Student Organization (RSO) for students who arrange and perform orchestral versions of the music from video games.

The 8-bit Orchestra will be holding their Fall Concert on Sunday, Nov. 5th at 1:30pm at the Puglisi Recital Hall. Entrance is free and all are welcome.

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8-bit Orchestra, recorded on Oct. 28, 2017. Aired on Oct. 31, 2017.

About the Orchestra

The 8-bit Orchestra is a student-run organization that formed in 2013. The orchestra has performed music from a wide range of video games genres, from indie games to major franchises such as Final Fantasy and Super Mario Bros. Four years after its inception, 8-bit has become the largest student-run music group at the University of Delaware.

In this interview, we visited with the President and Vice President of the orchestra, Dante Marcelle and Ross Forney, to talk about various aspects of the organization and what makes them so unique. The 8-bit Orchestra is comprised of students who are not all music majors, but bond over their shared love and appreciation for video games.

The Music

  • Track / Game
  • Chrono Cross-Trigger Medley / Chrono Cross, Chrono Trigger
  • A Call to Arms / Overwatch Overture
  • Ridley Circuit / Mario Kart

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Lydia Sylvia Martin: Celebrating diversity with the banjo

We invited banjo expert, Lydia Sylvia Martin, to WVUD to talk about her latest album “Chasing the Ghost.” In her new album, Lydia conveys the diversity of the banjo by combining old-time folk with blues and Irish music. Her main focus was to try and combine these styles of music to portray the beauty of diversity in the Appalachian region and the cultural history of the banjo.

Lydia doesn’t consider herself a singer but rather uses her voice as a second instrument to her banjo. Her style of music derives from her desire to showcase her passions and individualism. “Chasing the Ghost” is filled with impressive banjo-playing and equally as riveting storytelling.

The Interview

Lydia Sylvia Martin hosted by Mandorichard. Recorded live on Feb. 7, 2017.
55.4 MB

About our guest

Lydia Sylvia Martin is a Maryland-based musician who specializes in banjo-playing. She studied at the Levine School of Music, Goucher College, and Montgomery College. Lydia began playing music as a child with her family, The Martin Family Band. In addition to being an accomplished musician, Lydia is also a proud parent of a young toddler. When she’s not recording, teaching, or making special appearances, Lydia can be found spending time with her family and sharing her passions with others. Her new CD, Chasing the Ghost, has been recorded over the past several years, and was released in February 2017.

The Music

Artist Song Album Year
Lydia Sylvia Martin Dark Holler Blues Chasing the Ghost 2017
Lydia Sylvia Martin Jo Bones Chasing the Ghost 2017
Lydia Sylvia Martin C and O Train Chasing the Ghost 2017


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