An E-52 Theatrical Presentation: Bloody, Bloody Andrew Jackson

PictureBBAJThis weekend, E-52, a UD student theatre group, will be putting on their version of Bloody, Bloody Andrew Jackson, a punk-rock musical that chronicles the life of Andrew Jackson, America’s seventh president. The musical moves in a different direction than the history books in that Jackson’s controversial image is redefined in a modern light; the historical events that the show focuses on are populism, the Indian Removal Act (an act that contributed to Jackson being a controversial figure) and the relationship between Jackson and his wife Rachel. The musical was written by Alex Timbers with lyrics by Michael Friedman.

Don’t miss out on the performance! Check out the E-52 website to learn more about the show and the group.

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Cast members from E-52’s Bloody, Bloody Andrew Jackson, Recorded live April 19th, 2016, Hosts Liz Webb and Mandorichard
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The Music

Note: To comply with US copyright law, excerpts from all the tracks listed below are in the podcast linked above. The full tracks were heard in the live radio broadcast.

Artist Song Album Date
The Broadway Cast of Bloody, Bloody Andrew Jackson Populism, Yea Yea Original Cast Recording 2010
The Broadway Cast of Bloody, Bloody Andrew Jackson I’m Not That Guy Original Cast Recording 2010
The Broadway Cast of Bloody, Bloody Andrew Jackson I’m So That Guy Original Cast Recording 2010
The Broadway Cast of Bloody, Bloody Andrew Jackson Public Life Original Cast Recording 2010

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Storytelling through Song: Anaïs Mitchell


Photo courtesy of Jay Sansone; found on Mitchell’s website.

On this episode of The Music Room, Mandorichard chats with Anaïs Mitchell, folk singer and songwriter, to learn more about Mitchell’s ability to tell stories through her music. They talked about two of Mitchell’s projects that were both inspired by ancient sources: old English and Scottish folklore in the case of Child Ballads, a collaboration with Jefferson Hamer, and Greek mythology, in the case of Mitchell’s Hadestown project.

In the conversation, Mitchell discusses “Willie’s Lady,” one of the selections from her Child Ballads project–a song that tells about a mother’s disapproval of her son’s marriage. In the ballad, the mother curses her pregnant daughter-in-law so that she just stays pregnant and can’t give birth. But all turns out well as the young couple come up with a plan that reverses the curse.

Mitchell also tells us about Hadestown, her folk opera that offers a new American setting of the ancient Greek myth of Orpheus and Eurydice. She’s been working on Hadestown for 10 years. The show will make its debut in New York this spring.

Check out the interview linked below to hear Mitchell sing two of her songs and talk about her work and her upcoming appearance in Wilmington, DE (Grand Opera House, March 2, 2016).

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Anaïs Mitchell, Recorded Dec. 8, 2015, Aired Feb. 16, 2016. Host: Mandorichard

The Music

Artist  Song Source Year
Anaïs Mitchell  Willie’s Lady  Child Ballads  2013
Anaïs Mitchell  Flowers  Hadestown  2010

Additional Information

Anaïs Mitchell is a Vermont native who is widely known for her storytelling ability. She has released multiple albums including Child BalladsHadestown and her most recent release, xoa. According to her website, “Winner of the Kerrville Festival’s ‘New Folk Award’ and nominee for the Folk Alliance’s ‘Best Contemporary Artist Award,’ Mitchell is widely recognized as a unique and impressive young voice in the resurging American folk movement.” Check out Mitchell’s website to read about her tour dates, recordings, and other news.

La Vie Douce: Francesca Blanchard

Francesca+Blanchard+by+Sarah+Kjelleren+-+6043+bwOn this episode of The Music Room, Francesca Blanchard phones in for an interview to discuss her new album, Deux Visions

Being born into two cultures, French and American, her ability to sing in two languages allows her to connect to her fans universally. But, her music is more than just the languages she sings in. Blanchard’s debut album speaks to her travels and life experiences, with inspiration derived from other artists such as Norah Jones, Carla Bruni and many more. With the growth of her music, Blanchard continues her growth as an artist and what she, as an artist, has to offer the world.

To learn more about Francesca Blanchard and her musical style, check out the interview below

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Francesca Blanchard, Recorded live on WVUD, Feb. 9, 2016. Host: Mandorichard

The Music

Artist Song Album Year
Francesca Blanchard Mon ange Deux Visions 2015
Francesca Blanchard Home is a cage Deux Visions 2015
Francesca Blanchard Rame Deux Visions 2015
Francesca Blanchard The Sea (Zach’s Song) Deux Visions 2015

Photo courtesy of Francesca Blanchard