The Commonwealth

The latest CD, "The Commonwealth EP," came out in March 2015.

The band’s  latest CD, “The Commonwealth EP,” came out in March 2015.

The Commonwealth was one of UD’s finest, and most popular, student bands. These four guys offer southern rock with muscle and soul. Though three of the band’s four members graduated in 2015, there’s hope that The Commonwealth will live on.

Phil Chinitz and Aiden Leddy (pictured at the top of the site) sat down live in the studio with Mandorichard to promote their new CD and play some music. The guys also discuss their plans beyond graduation, and ask to play your cat’s birthday party. This was a fun interview, and an episode not to miss.


The Interview

The Commonwealth (Recorded live 4/21/15)
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The Music

Artist / Song / Album / Date

The Commonwealth / Heart So Cold / Live WVUD Performance / 2015
Aiden Leddy / Little Wing (Jimi Hendrix Cover) / Live WVUD Performance / 2015
The Commonwealth / Pretty Eyes / The Commonwealth EP / 2015

Strangers: Liz de Lise Live

Liz de Lise

Liz de Lise, getting ready to go on the air during WVUD Radiothon 2015!

Her folk-pop may exude warmth, but Liz de Lise does not live in a comfort zone. Armed with a soaring voice and her guitar, this Philly singer-songwriter creates music that speaks to shared experiences. Her latest album, To & Fro, features songs shaped by her observations of Portland street kids, as well as her own personal narratives.

In this special Radiothon episode, Liz stops by The Music Room for a spectacular live set, and to chat about homeless kids, the real world, and very blunt fortune cookies.


The Interview

Liz de Lise
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The Music

Artist / Song / Album / Year

Liz de Lise / Strangers / Live WVUD performance / 2015

Liz de Lise / Starfire / Live WVUD performance / 2015

Liz de Lise / The Gates / Live WVUD performance / 2015

Liz de Lise / Werewolf / Live WVUD performance / 2015


Rose Baldino: New Traditions

Rose Baldino

Rose Baldino

Rose Baldino is on fire: Not only is she an earth-scorching fiddler, but she is the leader of Burning Bridget Cleary, a Celtic band named for “the last witch burned in Ireland.” Rose and her band create traditional music, but their influences are not limited to Irish folk. Burning Bridget Cleary fuses their Celtic tunes with aspects of American traditional music, as well as the inclusion of a djembe, an African drum.  On top of their tight harmonies and fantastic fiddling, Burning Bridget Cleary is also known for their boundless, high-flying energy.

In this episode of The Music Room, you’ll hear Rose share the tragic story of Bridget Cleary, discuss the state of modern folk music, and share some of her music.

The Interview

Rose Baldino of Burning Bridget Cleary
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The Music

Artist / Song / Album / Year

Burning Bridget Cleary / Rolling Hills, Jester, Phoenix / Everything is Alright / 2008

Burning Bridget Cleary / Pressed for Time, Bonnie Mulligan / Pressed for Time / 2013

Burning Bridget Cleary / Another Day / Single / 2014