Inspiring Creativity: Homestead Collective

Homestead Collective

Homestead Collective is the first of many groups to perform live for WVUD this semester, showcasing two songs from their self titled EP and a separate single. We discuss with the duo the in-home editing processes they use, their songwriting and inspirations.

Listen to the Interview

Homestead Collective, recorded live September 19, 2017

About the Duo

Caitlyn Deviney and Ben Morris have known each other for years, being involved in youth group together and attending the same community college, but it was not until recently that they decided to combine their musical talents into the duo, Homestead Collective. Ben plays banjo and guitar  while Caitlyn does vocals and also plays the guitar. They pride themselves on holding monthly Homestead Gatherings that allow artists to share their music and a variety of other artwork with each other to provide an atmosphere of creativity and friendship.

The Music

    • Artist / Track / Album / Year
    • Homestead Collective / Twenty-Something Albatross / Homestead Collective EP / 2017
    • Homestead Collective / Mama Said / Performed Live / 2017
    • Homestead Collective / Scary Close / Performed Live / 2017
    • Homestead Collective / I Choose You / Performed Live  / 2017


Richard Gordon: Producer, Audio Engineer, Host
Allison Delaney: Production Assistant, Web Page Author, Audio Editor