Brandon Rickman

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Brandon Rickman

WVUD chatted with Brandon Rickman, singer-songwriter in the group Lonesome River Band. With a long history of working with award winning artists, Rickman himself is an award-winning songwriter for blue grass music for his individual works on his solo album Young Man Old Soul.

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Brandon Rickman, recorded live July 25th, 2017
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About the Band
The Lonesome River Band has been together since 1982 and is celebrating their newest album release, Mayhayley’s Home. Brandon Rickman is currently with the band for the second time, joining group leader and award-winning banjo artist Sammy Shelor. The Lonesome River Band prides itself on the revolutionary work with Blue Grass and Acoustic music.

The Music

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Lonesome River Band

  • Artist / Track / Album / Year
  • Brandon Rickman / I Bought Her a Dog / Young Man Old Soul / 2011
  • Lonesome River Band / Lonesome Bone / Mayhayley’s House / 2017
  • Lonesome River Band / Mayhayley’s House / Mayhayley’s House / 2017
  • Lonesome River Band / Wrong Road Again / Mayhayley’s House / 2017

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