Aaron Tinkelman

20160316_175904For this episode of The Music Room, Bassam Khatri sat down with student and local musician Aaron Tinkelman. The two spoke about Aaron’s transition to a solo act from playing in now-defunct jazz/funk band Salida del Soul. They also discuss experiences in China, some of his musical inspirations, and his plans moving forward.


Aaron recreates a picture he took on his trip to China.

In addition to studying Psychology and Sociology at the University of Delaware, Aaron is an avid pianist, focusing on jazz, funk, and soul. In the studio, Aaron treats us to four songs which swing back and forth between jazz and soul, often within a few seconds. He uses space and improvisation to convey a sense of emotion which sends his audience on a journey to a place of his mind’s own creation. Aaron is currently composing and plans to record his music soon, so keep up with him to know when he releases new material. He will be playing at the I <3 UD event on the Green on May 11 at 12:05. It was a pleasure to sit down with Aaron Tinkelman in his first radio appearance, and we wish him luck in his future endeavors.

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Aaron Tinkelman, Recorded Mar. 16, 2016, Aired Mar. 29, 2016. Host: Bassam Khatri

The Music

Aaron Tinkelman played four untitled songs live in our studio.