La Vie Douce: Francesca Blanchard

Francesca+Blanchard+by+Sarah+Kjelleren+-+6043+bwOn this episode of The Music Room, Francesca Blanchard phones in for an interview to discuss her new album, Deux Visions

Being born into two cultures, French and American, her ability to sing in two languages allows her to connect to her fans universally. But, her music is more than just the languages she sings in. Blanchard’s debut album speaks to her travels and life experiences, with inspiration derived from other artists such as Norah Jones, Carla Bruni and many more. With the growth of her music, Blanchard continues her growth as an artist and what she, as an artist, has to offer the world.

To learn more about Francesca Blanchard and her musical style, check out the interview below

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Francesca Blanchard, Recorded live on WVUD, Feb. 9, 2016. Host: Mandorichard

The Music

Artist Song Album Year
Francesca Blanchard Mon ange Deux Visions 2015
Francesca Blanchard Home is a cage Deux Visions 2015
Francesca Blanchard Rame Deux Visions 2015
Francesca Blanchard The Sea (Zach’s Song) Deux Visions 2015

Photo courtesy of Francesca Blanchard