Damn Tall Buildings: Getting Back to Roots


Damn Tall Buildings

Damn Tall Buildings are not your grandpa’s bluegrass band. Hailing from all over the US of A but coming together at the Berklee College of Music in Boston, this foursome defies classification by making what they call “Guerrilla Roots.” More a movement than a genre, Guerrilla Roots rejects musical homogenization by offering a pastiche of bluegrass, blues, jazz, and western swing. Though they use traditional bluegrass instruments, their sound is fully modern.

Mandorichard and Sara Sajer had a damn good time talking to Damn Tall Buildings. The band goes in depth about the spirit behind Guerrilla Roots, their modern approach to bluegrass and other roots music, and their collective desire to change the world through music.

The Interview

Damn Tall Buildings (Recorded live 7/21/15)
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The Music

Artist / Song / Album  / Year

Damn Tall Buildings / Goodbye / Damn Tall Buildings (EP) / 2015

Damn Tall Buildings / The Ballad of Nigel Williams / The Loft Sessions (Video) / 2013

Damn Tall Buildings / Born to Lose / Damn Tall Buildings (EP) / 2015