Strangers: Liz de Lise Live

Liz de Lise

Liz de Lise, getting ready to go on the air during WVUD Radiothon 2015!

Her folk-pop may exude warmth, but Liz de Lise does not live in a comfort zone. Armed with a soaring voice and her guitar, this Philly singer-songwriter creates music that speaks to shared experiences. Her latest album, To & Fro, features songs shaped by her observations of Portland street kids, as well as her own personal narratives.

In this special Radiothon episode, Liz stops by The Music Room for a spectacular live set, and to chat about homeless kids, the real world, and very blunt fortune cookies.


The Interview

Liz de Lise
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The Music

Artist / Song / Album / Year

Liz de Lise / Strangers / Live WVUD performance / 2015

Liz de Lise / Starfire / Live WVUD performance / 2015

Liz de Lise / The Gates / Live WVUD performance / 2015

Liz de Lise / Werewolf / Live WVUD performance / 2015