Amy Fairchild: Saving You for a Rainy Day

Amy Fairchild

Amy Fairchild

There’s a good chance Amy Fairchild is your favorite musician, you just haven’t heard her yet. The Massachusetts singer-songwriter has been making great rock music for 20 years, winning many awards along the way. Twelve years after the release of her first album, Amy released her self-titled follow up, Amy Fairchild, in 2014. Her lyrics are full of keen observations about everyday life and human nature, which, when combined with her ear for melody, makes for an irresistible combination.

Amy stops by The Music Room to talk about the songwriting process, flying under the radar, playing live, and other fun stuff.

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Amy Fairchild

The Music

Artist / Song / Album / Year

Amy Fairchild / Situation / Amy Fairchild / 2014

Amy Fairchild / Mr. Heart / Mr. Heart / 2002

Amy Fairchild / Timebomb / Amy Fairchild / 2014