Devon Leger: Straight from the Hearth

Devon Leger

Devon Leger

It’s always a pleasure to hear from Devon Leger, founder and operator of the Hearth Music promotion agency. Far from average publicists, the good people at Hearth are devoted to supporting the very best talent in roots, folk, and world music. Devon and his team are passionate about sharing great music, which is reflected by the quality of their products. Each hand-crafted package from Hearth is a labor of love, and a treat for the ear.

Mandorichard and Devon have a great time digging deep into roots. Among other topics, they discuss the Canadian scene, the relevance of CDs, weird colloquial languages, and talented artists of all ages. And, because this is The Music Room, they sample some tunes from Hearth Music’s impressive client roster.

The Interview

Devon Leger

The Music

Artist / Song / Album / Date

La Famile Leger / Reel du P’tit Cap / L’Etoile du Nord / 2014

The Sweet Lowdown / River Winding Down / Chasing the Sun / 2014

La Famile Leger / Reels: Coqueron, Saint Anne, a Belzebuth (From Andre Savoie “Toto”) / L’Etoile du Nord / 2014

The Railsplitters / Room At the Top of the Stairs / The Railsplitters / 2013