Jim Hurst: An Intrepid view of the Looking Glass

Jim Hurst: Looking Glass coverAt the 2014 Delaware Valley Bluegrass Festival, as one band stepped off the stage, this guy stepped on with just his guitar. His set just captured the audience’s imagination. It was spell-binding to watch and listen to this man and his guitar take control of the entire audience.

That guy was Jim Hurst.

Jim has been known as a consummate guitarist and singer for a long time, whether on the road with Claire Lynch, or adding his amazing guitar licks to someone’s recording, or touring by himself. His two most recent CDs, Intrepid, and Looking Glass, feature some of the best of Jim’s solo work–with some fun collaboration with others added in for good measure.

Jim was kind enough to let us interview him on October 21. It was great talking with him about his guitar style, fitting in when he’s playing with others, and about the songs we played during the show. It was also fun learning where a country boy picked up the nickname “Guido”!

The Interview

Jim Hurst
(Recorded live 10/21/14; host: Mandorichard), 25:21, 24.3 MB.
Note: Full version of all the tracks were played in the radio broadcast, but, due to copyright considerations, two of the tracks are excerpted in the podcast version.

The Music

The following music is heard in this episode of The Music Room:

  • Artist / Song / Album (or note) / Label (or source) / Date / Notes
  • Jim Hurst with Mac Wiseman / The Preacher and the Bear / Looking Glass / NN Guido Music / 2014 (Excerpt in podcast)
  • Jim Hurst / Dew on the Mountain / Intrepid / NN Guido Music / 2012 (Excerpt in podcast)
  • Jim Hurst / (All of this,) Just one man / Looking Glass / NN Guido Music / 2014