April Verch: Fiddler, hoofer, trouper

AprilVerch-BrightLikeGoldApril Verch has been dancing since she was 3, fiddling since she was 6, and releasing recordings since she was a teenager. She has had an amazing career as a performer and recording artist, playing a variety of fiddle styles including different Canadian and American “traditional” styles along with some traditional country music, swing, jazz, and original music.

April and her band always put on a very engaging and entertaining show providing a mixture of inspired music, song and dance. She’s toured Australia, Asia, Europe, and North America, showcasing some of the best traditional North American music while also showing how much fun it is to use that music as the point of departure for innovative new music.

Her concerts are huge fun, her CDs are great, and there are a lot of very good videos of her music and dancing on YouTube. If you get a chance, see her in concert. She plays with verve and style, and her gracious personality shines through when she’s on stage.

As you’ll hear, she and I had a lot of fun chatting about her music, her dad, some of her upcoming projects–but most of all, you’ll get to hear some great fiddling, dancing, and singing.

The Interview

Interview with April Verch (Recorded 11/20/13; original broadcast date: 12/3/13; host: Mandorichard). 29:18, 28.1 MB.

The Music

The following music appeared on this episode of The Music Room:

  • Artist / Song / Album (or note) / Label (or source) / Date / Notes
  • April Verch / Still Trying / That’s How We Run / Slab Town / 2011 / Bobby Hicks, Fiddle
  • April Verch / Five Miles from Town / That’s How We Run / Slab Town / 2011
  • April Verch / No Other Would Do / Bright Like Gold / Slab Town / 2013
  • April Verch / Sandy River Belle / Bright Like Gold / Slab Town / 2013
  • Strung / A Riverboat’s Gone / Band of Gypsies / Slab Town / 2010 / April Verch, Doug Cox, Tony McManus, Cody Walters