Research Projects

Ongoing Projects

 Past Projects

  • Consortium for Simulation of Oil-Microbial Interactions in the Ocean. Gulf of Mexico Research Initiative (subcontract from Florida State University), 1/2018~6/2020. PI: Hsu.
  • An Euler-Lagrangian Numerical Modeling for Poly-dispersed Sediment Transport under Waves. Office of Naval Research (N00014-16-1-2853). 7/2016 ~ 6/2018, PI Hsu.
  • Collaborative Research: The Effect of Sand Fraction and Event Evolution on Fine-Sediment Transport and the Depositional Record in Wave-Supported Mud Flows. National Science Foundation (OCE-1537231), 9/2015~8/2018, PI Hsu with collaborative institution U. Washington (Horner-Devine and Ogston).
  • Collaborative Research: The interaction of waves, tidal currents and river outflows and their effects on the delivery and resuspension of sediments in the near field (NSF).
  • Frontal Structure in the Columbia River Plume Nearfield – A Non-hydrostatic Coastal Modeling Study (ONR).
  • A 3D Coupled Euler-Lagrangian Numerical Modeling Framework for Poly-dispersed Sediment Transport Simulations (ONR).
  • The Trapping, Storage, and Resuspension of Sediments in the Columbia River Estuary and Near Field Plume (ONR, RIVET II).
  • Interactions of Waves, tidal currents and riverine outflow and their effects on sediment transport (ONR, RIVET I -data analysis).
  • NEESR: Tsunami Induced Coherent Structures and their Impact on our Coastal Infrastructure (NSF; subcontract from UNH).
  • Collaborative Research: Physics of lutoclines and laminarization extracted from turbulence-resolved numerical investigations on sediment transport in wave-current bottom boundary layer (NSF).
  • A Numerical Modeling Framework for Cohesive Sediment Transport Driven by Waves and Tidal Currents (ONR).
  • Interactions of Waves and River Plume and their Effects on Sediment Transport at River Mouth (ONR, RIVET I).
  • Collaborative Research: The dynamics of sediment-laden river plume and initial deposition off small mountainous rivers (NSF).
  • High Resolution Numerical Modeling of Cohesive Sediment Transport and Evolution of Bed Properties at Mudflats (ONR, Tidal Flat DRI phase II ).
  • CAREER: 3D Multiphase Sediment Transport Modeling Framework (NSF).
  • NOPP – Community Sediment Transport Model (NOPP, subcontract from WHOI).
  • Complex Flow Through Culvert Structure by CFD Modeling (SFWMD and NIWR)
  • CROSSTEX – Wave breaking, boundary layer processes, the resulting sediment transport and beach profile evolution (ONR).
  • A Fluid Mud Transport Model in Multi-dimensions (ONR).
  • Collaborative Research: Coastal Modeling Management and Integration (NSF).
  • Scouring Around District’s Hydraulic Structures (SFWMD and NIWR)
  • Effect of Fluid Mud on Bottom Boundary Layer Dynamics Sediment Fluxes at Mud Flats (ONR, Tidal Flat DRI phase I).
  • Parameterization of a Two-phase Model and Application to Nearshore Morphology (ONR).
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