Today is Data Privacy Day! To celebrate, we’re featuring important information about your privacy rights, including new University policies designed to protect you and the UD community.


NEW: Information Security Events Reporting Policy

The President’s executive committee approved the UD Information Security Events Reporting policy on December 3, 2021. This policy is foundational to the University’s cybersecurity event response.

Learn more about the policy and what it means for UD.


Introducing the University’s Privacy Program: A Compliance Resource for Handling Personally Identifiable Information

While information “security” focuses on safeguarding information once you have it, information “privacy” addresses, among other things, whether you can collect information at all, especially personally identifiable information. The UD Privacy Program will make available a variety of resources to help inform students and employees about applicable legal requirements for data they collect or use.

Learn how UD’s Privacy Program helps you navigate the privacy landscape.


Laws that impact your privacy

Your privacy is important to you–but do you know the laws that protect your right to privacy?

Familiarize yourself with these major privacy laws.


What’s the CISO watching?

Here’s what Andy Weisskopf, our Chief Information Security Officer, has checked out from his (virtual or physical) cybersecurity bookshelf–or, in this case, movie collection:

Sneakers (1992) is an excellent movie containing relevant technical and social engineering attacks in action.

WarGames (1983) is a classic computer movie and the origin of the term “wardialing” for one of the techniques used.