Happy Cybersecurity Awareness Month! To celebrate we’re sharing our ideas for how you can become a little more cyber-secure through awareness, action, and education.

Phishers are getting more sophisticated – and so are we!

Have you noticed that it’s getting trickier to identify phishing emails and our monthly challenges?

August’s “Take a BITE out of phish!” campaign mimicked an actual malicious phishing message recently reported by a member of our campus community which included publicly available data like supervisor and department name.

It’s important for you to report the phishing challenge, as well as any concerning email message that you receive, to reportaphish@udel.edu.

Even if you click on a phishing link, always report the message. When it’s a UD challenge, we can practice the correct reporting process, increase our reporting rate and gain greater understanding of our community’s awareness about phishing. When it’s a real phish, you can help us reduce or prevent the consequences to you and the UD community.

Are you prepared for data loss?

When was the last time you really thought about all the data you have on your devices? Photos, videos, documents, contacts…Now, when was the last time you made sure that those precious files would still be safe if something happened to that device?

Check out our guide on making backups and get some peace of mind.

What’s the best cybersecurity defense?

Answer: Education!

Whether you’re an IT expert or a casual technology user, making sure that you are educated in cybersecurity is your best defense against cybercriminals.

Explore UD’s offerings in cybersecurity training for all levels of awareness.

Final Reminder: Migrate your old UD Capture videos

UDIT is committed to keeping UD’s data secure, which is why in 2019 we started migrating video files off the old UD Capture platform. To reduce security risk we will be decommissioning the old platform on December 10, 2021.

Do you still have files on the old platform? Learn how to migrate them now and help keep UD safe.

What’s the CISO reading

In this new feature, we will be checking out what Andy Weisskopf, our Chief Information Security Officer, has checked out from the (virtual or physical) cyber security bookshelf:

Weapons of Math Destruction: How big data increases inequality and threatens democracy: algorithms are everywhere, and they are often used in ways that codify preexisting bias rather than removing it.

Humble Pi: a comedy of maths errors: a more humorous take on the ways that math, science and engineering can go wrong.