Whether you’re an IT professional or a casual technology user, you should take advantage of the many opportunities available at UD and beyond to expand your knowledge of cybersecurity. Employee education is the first line of defense in securing our use of technology and improving our chances of defending against cyber criminals.

Good online sources range from reputable news sites to cybersecurity coursework, depending on your level of interest. Many major electronic publications, such as the New York Times and Wall Street Journal, publish technology sections that feature various topics in cybersecurity. Dedicated cybersecurity publications with more in-depth content include Securityweek, Wired, and Hackernews. If you’re looking for more technical education, SANS, Cybrary and LinkedIn Learning are worthwhile sources. (LinkedIn Learning will be licensed by the University in the near future.)

Secure UD training is available through ConnectingU to help employees continually improve their cybersecurity knowledge. The Secure UD 2021 training covers timely cybersecurity issues and provides proven ways for employees to protect themselves. This year’s topics include browsing safely, keeping data secure, and what to do if you think you’ve been hacked. Be sure to take advantage of this great resource.

Both Secure UD training and the aforementioned technical training courses are sound starting points for your education. To delve deeper, consider the Cybersecurity Master of Science degree offered by Professional and Continuing Studies (through UD Online), or a graduate certificate. Certifications are a great way to start your career as an IT professional and can be obtained through SANS, CompTIA, and ISC2, to name a few.