We’ve received multiple reports of people seeing email in their inboxes claiming that the UD IT Support Center is going to “De-activate” [sic] their accounts.

Email allegedly from IT Support Center. SCAM!

We’ve removed the bad link and the To: address from this copy of this phishing scam.

The scam came to UD inboxes using correct UD terminology (UD ID, IT Support Center). How can you tell it’s a phish?

  • It came from a stolen or spoofed account at another university, not from a legitimate @udel.edu address.
  • It tries to shock you into reacting quickly to the claim your UD ID is being turned off. Generating a sense of urgency to get you to click without thinking is a common phishing tactic.
  • The link in the email (removed from our sample) was to a non-udel.edu site. Preview links in email before you click!
  • The grammar, punctuation, and spelling are not standard.

If you see a message like this one in your inbox, delete it. If you see any message that appears suspicious, forward it to reportaphish@udel.edu. So far, 32 people have forwarded this particular scam to reportaphish@udel.edu. Good job, UD!

And above all else,

Think B4 U Click!